Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Preparing Boston’s Workforce for Immediate & Future Success

Workforce development programs at community colleges provide leading industries with a pipeline of talented workers while making it possible for anyone to find engaging, fulfilling, and sustainable work in high-demand fields.

Nationally, employers with growing workforce needs look to community colleges for fast, cost-effective training programs.  Boston’s community colleges, in particular, have a longstanding history of partnering with Greater Boston’s largest employers that address immediate workforce and training needs.

Employers seek out relationships with Boston’s community colleges because both colleges can quickly develop new programs or adjust curricular offerings at a fraction of the cost of alternative options.  Additionally, both RCC and BHCC are renowned for their incumbent worker training, through which employers train current staff to meet new and evolving needs.

Through their specialized training opportunities, accelerated degree programs, and dedicated personal and professional support for students, community colleges are integral to the fortification of Boston’s future workforce.

Corporate Partnerships Open the Door to In-Demand Careers

Strengthening Boston’s workforce starts with supplying future workers with access to training in in-demand fields. Expert-lead course offerings like the Pharmacy Technician Program at RCC open the door to fulfilling careers that pay a living wage while strengthening key industries by connecting them to diverse workers with specialized skillsets

Many of these innovative programs are made possible because of relationships formed between community college workforce development divisions and dedicated corporate partners. When CVS Health partnered with RCC, their shared vision for hands-on career exploration opportunities and accessible career pathways into high-demand fields resulted in a unique certification program that prepares students for meaningful employment as pharmacy technicians.

“We partner with RCC to train a diverse workforce for successful careers.” Jon DaSilva, CVS Corporate Partner at Roxbury Community College

A diverse and highly-skilled workforce is at the core of Boston’s transformative influence on leading industries across the country. Ongoing partnerships like the one between CVS and RCC ensure that exceptional students are able to find fulfilling and sustainable careers in these growing fields, and that they will serve as the face of industry innovations for many years to come.

Community Colleges Connect Industry Leaders with Exceptional and Diverse Candidates

At BHCC, we are reimagining what it means to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Our Workforce and Economic Development programs feature remote credit and non-credit courses for individual or corporate teams to create pathways that lead to both personal and professional opportunities for adult-learners. Our programs are designed to reach candidates from all backgrounds, ensuring that Boston’s future workforce will be both highly-skilled and diversified.

We are committed to meeting not only the current needs of Boston’s workforce, but those that the future will present as well. We are closing gaps in the workforce by connecting qualified candidates to in-demand fields through our specialized training and professional development programs including a variety of certificate programs such as Google IT Support Professional Certificate, Personal Training Certificate, Dental Assisting Technician program and SHRM Essential of HR Management.

We partner with leading industry experts such as the MassHire Career Centers and The Training Opportunity Program (TOP) allowing unemployed students to collect unemployment benefits while you attend full-time, you can receive training or require new skills for a new job.

“At BHCC, we are reimagining what it means to meet the needs of a changing workforce.” – Michelle Rojas Surin, Director of Workforce and Economic Development Programs at Bunker Hill Community College

BHCC’s workforce and economic development program is strengthening Boston’s future workforce on all fronts. We continue to support our student’s professional and personal advancement goals while supplying high-demand industries with highly-trained, high-quality workers.

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