Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Offering Affordable Paths to In-Demand Health Careers

Boston’s healthcare and social assistance industries account for over 18% of total employment; and, five of the ten largest employers are hospitals. From 1998 to 2018 in Massachusetts, employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector grew by 45% and the number of establishments grew by 149%.  The demand for skilled and diverse healthcare professionals is higher than ever before.

Boston’s community colleges meet the growing demand for skilled healthcare workers who reflect the rich cultural diversity of the City of Boston by providing affordable, quality education in the health sciences field. Faculty hold advanced degrees and/or extensive credentials in their fields.

Revitalized Nursing Program at RCC is Paving the Road to Healthcare Innovation

Boston is a national leader in medical research, advancements in nursing, and the improvement of community health offerings. Healthcare institutions in our city, and all over our country, rely on the expert care and guidance of qualified and culturally-competent healthcare workers.

RCC is educating the next generation of Boston’s healthcare workers. Our brand new nursing program was designed to provide our essential healthcare industries with exceptional nurses and health specialists.  Students who complete the program can sit for the NCLEX exam or transfer to a four-year school to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

“RCC’s Nursing Program will embody academic social responsibility by increasing the amount of competent, caring, and inquisitive nurses available to the community.” Stephanie Victoria, Director of Nursing Programs at Roxbury Community College

RCC has invested over $13 million into our state-of-the-art health science facilities, and have worked with industry leaders to develop a curriculum that prepares students for immediate workplace success.

RCC is committed to providing our students with access to affordable, competitive, and exceptional training in a variety of health sciences programs. Our nursing program is allowing RCC students to receive quality training, setting them up for success in their nursing careers even before they take their clinicals.

Medical Imaging Programs, Including Cardiac Sonography offered at BHCC

The healthcare programs connect students with affordable opportunities to accelerate their careers in specialized health science fields. Many BHCC medical imaging graduates work at Boston’s top hospitals.

At BHCC, students in all the Medical Imaging programs receive top-quality education from expert instructors while also gaining hands-on learning experience with the cutting-edge technologies used by leading professionals in high-demand fields.

Bunker Hill Community College offers the only public Cardiac Sonography program in the state of Massachusetts. This accelerated, full-time program was designed to provide students with a holistic learning experience – one that prioritizes both quality in-class instruction and hands-on learning opportunities in our innovative health science lab facilities.

BHCC students also have access to state-of-the-art ultrasound machines, radiology systems, x-ray imaging technology, and remote-simulation equipment. The unique opportunity to work with these industry-grade types of medical equipment allows students in both general, and specialized health science fields to familiarize themselves with the very technologies they will encounter in their health careers.

“Bunker Hill Community College offers the only public Cardiac Sonography program in the state of Massachusetts.” Michelle Gagnon, Program Director of Cardiac Sonography program at Bunker Hill Community College

Graduates of BHCC’s Cardiac Sonography program and our other state-of-the art health science and technology programs are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to find immediate work in high-demand health fields across the nation. Our programs are also designed to help students transfer seamlessly into their ongoing health degree programs, ensuring their success in competitive health careers now, and in the future.

Healthcare Programs at Boston’s Community Colleges

RCC offers a suite of health science programs including radiologic technology, phlebotomy, clinical medical assistant, and medical billing and coding. All programs are designed to meet immediate workforce needs, and the College regularly meets with industry leaders to update program curricula and ensure students have access to the best clinical sites in Boston.

BHCC offers a broad array of courses and programs geared to in-demand health careers including nursing, medical imaging, paramedics, pharmacy technician, surgical technology, medical assisting and interpreting.  The BHCC health sciences programs prepare students for employment as well as transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

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